Gatorama Volunteer Application


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Animal CareExhibit ConstructionGrounds KeepingEducationGift ShopSpecial Events

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How much weight are you able to lift?
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Can you swim? YESNO

Are you allergic to bees or fire ants? YESNO

Are there any volunteer activities you must avoid? YESNO

Have you ever been convicted of a crocodilian or wildlife violation? YESNO

Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor/felony criminal violation? YESNO
(If YES, please the explain the nature of the crime, date of crime and disposition. A conviction does not automatically disqualify you from volunteering. Each case will
be considered on its own Merits)

Have you ever eaten farm raised alligator meat, and if so please describe the taste? YESNO

Tell us about your education and related skills:

Highest Level of education completed


Why do you want to volunteer at GATORAMA?

List any training and/or skills you have that are related to the job you are seeking:
(Example: any bookkeeping or computer training - USDA or FWC licenses or keeper training - plumbing, electrical or mechanical training)

Number of hours you are available to volunteer each week:
2-44-88-1212-1616-12One Time

When are you available?

Year RoundSeasonal (if seasonal check months available)

Time of availability: (Check all that apply)
Monday Opening 8:30-10:00amMidday 10:00-3:30pmClosing 3:30-5:30pm
Tuesday Opening 8:30-10:00amMidday 10:00-3:30pmClosing 3:30-5:30pm
Wednesday Opening 8:30-10:00amMidday 10:00-3:30pmClosing 3:30-5:30pm
Thursday Opening 8:30-10:00amMidday 10:00-3:30pmClosing 3:30-5:30pm
Friday Opening 8:30-10:00amMidday 10:00-3:30pmClosing 3:30-5:30pm
Saturday Opening 8:30-10:00amMidday 10:00-3:30pmClosing 3:30-5:30pm
Sunday Opening 8:30-10:00amMidday 10:00-3:30pmClosing 3:30-5:30pm

Personal History:

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Have you ever been employed by GATORAMA?
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Job Description




Job Description


In consideration for being accepted as a volunteer by GATORAMA, I agree as follows:

1. At Will Relationship: Even though I have made a commitment to serve as a volunteer, I understand that my volunteer status may be
terminated at any time by me or GATORAMA for any reason, with or without cause. I further understand that no oral promise,
GATORAMA policy or memo, custom, business practice, or other procedure constitutes an employment contract or modification of
the at-will relationship between me and GATORAMA.

2. No Employee Benefits: I shall not be considered an employee for any purpose, and no health, accident, or workmen’s compensation
insurance, nor any other type of employee benefits, shall be provided for me by GATORAMA.

3. Training: I understand that certain volunteer activities require special training. I shall not undertake such activities without the
required training. I agree to advise GATORAMA in writing of any physical limitations which could affect or be affected by any
volunteer activities I assume. I understand it is my responsibility to provide this information and I release GATORAMA from any
liability for injuries or illnesse which result from my failure to advise GATORAMA in writing of any such limitations.

4. Auto Insurance: I shall not operate a personal automobile for volunteer activities unless I have at least the minimum amount of
liability insurance required by Florida law.

5. Confidential Information: I understand that information obtained through my work as a volunteer may be considered privileged or
proprietary information of GATORAMA. I agree to keep all such information confidential except to the extent disclosure of such
information is expressly authorized and directed by an official of GATORAMA. In particular, I agree to make no statements or release
any information about GATORAMA to any news media except as expressly authorized by GATORAMA officials.

6. Assumption of Risk: I understand that no contact with any animal is allowed unless I have been trained and approved to work with
it. I will never approach an animal or an animal’s enclosure or island. I understand that every animal is capable of inflicting harm or
death and I will respect that ability. I am also aware of the inherent risk working in the Zoo/Farm environment including being in
proximity to exotic animals and assume full responsibility for my actions should I ever fail to remember or choose to disregard the
terms of this agreement. At any such time that I am in violation of this agreement I may be immediately removed from volunteer work

7. Photo Release Form: I grant GATORAMA permission to use any or all portions of film, videotape, and/or photography shot at
GATORAMA, at off-site locations where GATORAMA representatives are acting, or on locations when I am acting on behalf of
GATORAMA for purposes of education and/or commercial use as they see fit, without compensation to my family or me. You, for
yourself, your heirs, executors, and administrators, hereby release and forever discharge GATORAMA, Inc. from all rights, claims,
demands, and causes of action whatsoever in connection with the use or publication of said material, including the use of your name.
This grant is made to GATORAMA and its advertising and public relations department, and agencies, photographers, publishers, and
their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, and representatives, and their successors and assignees.

8. Release from Liability and Indemnification: I hereby release GATORAMA, and its respective agents, representatives, officers,
employees, and volunteers from any and all liability whatsoever arising out of any damage, loss or injury to me or my property
incurred as the result of my volunteer activities. My estate shall hold harmless GATORAMA and its respective agents,
representatives, officers, employees and volunteers from any claims or actions by my relatives or legal representatives based on my
death or injury as a result of my volunteer actions. I agree to indemnify GATORAMA for any injury caused by or arising from or in
connection with my conduct or any act, omission or negligence of myself causing an accident, injury or damage to a third party or any
other person while acting as a volunteer at GATORAMA.

I certify that to the best of my knowledge, all of the information I am providing to GATORAMA is true and complete. I understand
that any misrepresentation, falsification, or willful omission may result in a refusal of volunteer service or dismissal from volunteer
service. I understand that a routine inquiry may be made during the processing of this information. I hereby authorize investigation of
all statements in this application and request any company, institution, or persons contacted as part of this investigation to provide any
and all pertinent information. I confirm that I am in good health and capable of the service that I am volunteering. I understand that
GATORAMA may terminate my volunteer service at any time. I understand that GATORAMA is an equal opportunity employer and
a drug-free workplace. The names and personal information recorded on this form are subject to public disclosure.

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