Cooter Wallow


Cooter Wallow

This is a one of a kind blend of tomato sauce, vinegar, mustard, sugar, maple syrup, sour orange juice, guava puree, smoked jalapenos, yes folks GUAVA and assorted spices. This is SOME Mmm-Mmm good stuff! You don’t want to have your cooter without some of this on it…no siree!  Around here a cooter is a soft shell turtle…just in case you were wondering.

Cooter Wallow 10 oz.  – Smoked Jalapenos, Guava Puree, Florida Sour Orange Juice, Maple Syrup, Vinegar, Mustard, Tomato Sauce & Other Spices.

Minimum Spice Order $20


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Weight .75 lbs


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