No Air Boat Required!

No Air Boat Required!

No Air Boat Required!

You’re in Florida looking for something fun to do with the family. Of course you’re ready for anything, but you have the little ones that get hungry and a little cranky after prolonged exposure to the sun, and grandma and grandpa don’t want to be left out.

Now you’re faced with a bit of a dilemma.

You want adventure, something that will get your heart pumping. The kids want to see cool animals, that’s a given. Grandma and grandpa want to enjoy this family adventure, but they’re limited in how much they can do. Where on earth are you going to find something to do that suites all these personalities?

Your sense of adventure tells you that an Air boat ride would be the ideal solution. Your rational side tells you that the hot metal seats is going to have someone crying in no time. There probably won’t be an easy way for the grandparents to safely board the boat, and let’s not even begin to discuss the mosquito bites and ‘tourist burn’ your family will likely end up with. You had planned to take the crew on an ride your friend and his family but there’s no way you’ll be able to do that with all these people. You tell him to go ahead and maybe you’ll catch it next time.

Lucky for you, Gatorama has been providing the perfect solution to the ‘Family Adventure’ since 1957.

All roads lead to Gatorama, and this day begins with a drive no longer than 90 minutes from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm, Tampa or Naples.  You’ll wind trough beautiful land, reminiscent of Old Florida, a far cry from the congested city you’re used to.  Depending on where you’re coming from you may travel along the historic Alligator Alley or along the perimeter of Lake Okeechobee.

Your GPS leads you to our doorstep, and you’re now at a Florida Alligator Attraction that has a deep rooted history in Florida’s past.  While you’re not sure what to expect, you figure that if you see a single Alligator your day has been a success.

Let me put all your doubts to rest. You’ll see Alligators. You’ll see Crocodiles. You’ll see endangered, invasive, native and non-native feathered, furry and scaled animals all over our park! Our covered Wildlife Boardwalk allows you to enjoy a leisurely stroll over two Alligator and Crocodile filled ponds, through our viewing areas and alongside tortoises, Florida Panthers, Burmese Pythons and Peacocks just to name a few!

Our Poachers Camp, adjacent to our Crackin’ Barn is home to a variety of games specially designed for the kids! Along our Swoopy Palm Trail we offer fishing and covered tables. Near the back our Big Gator Big Bone Fossil Dig is waiting the budding Paleontologist!

The Crackin’ Barn is the place to be in August as our Hatching Festival is in full swing. If you’re never held a chirping Alligator egg in your hand and watched a baby emerge, it’s an experience you’ll never forget!  After seeing all the names on our “Just Hatched” wall, you make sure to grab your phone and follow us on Facebook. You don’t want to miss it next year!

Uncle Waders Catch A Gator Pond is in full swing, and is packed with kids of all ages learning the finer points of how to catch a juvenile Alligator with their bare hands.  Waiting patiently outside the gate is a group of teenagers waiting to try their hand at Gator Wranglin‘.

An announcement comes over the loud speaker and you’re directed to join our zookeepers at the front ponds for our Big Gator and Crocodile Feed Show! As you make your way to the bridge, you get a good vantage point and make sure you’re camera is ready!

The  30-45 minute show is incredible and you’ve seen more Alligators and Crocodiles displaying natural feeding behavior that you ever would have from the confines of a moving air boat.  You look down to see your youngest laughing and clapping at each jaw pop.

Just then you get a text.

Airboat fail. Kids sunburned and miserable. Going home.

You smile. Not a sunburned, crying, cranky one in the bunch and you realize that Gatorama was not only the perfect family adventure, but it was going to be your new ‘go-to’ spot when the family needed a little nature fix.

Mental Note: Grab Annual Passes.

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