The day after Irma, and all we can do is evaluate what’s been left behind, and try to find a way to pick up the pieces.

We will be closed until we can rebuild and it is safe for our guests to enjoy our facility. Thank you all for the messages of love. If you’re in the area, stay strong. The power may be out, but our light shines bright.

Our daughter, Erica, visited us after Irma hit and although she isn’t a farm girl anymore, she wanted to find a way to help! She worked with our amazing Web Guru, Tricia, to create this fundraiser for Gatorama! She wrote a post on Facebook and so many amazing people asked how they could help us rebuild and this is what she came up with!

You can donate here on our website and know EXACTLY where your donations are going to. No “overhead or CEO’s salaries” are being paid for here, it is all going to rebuild this farm and attraction that has been here since the 50’s! We want to thank you for even taking the time to learn about what has happened to us.

We want to personally thank every person who donates and will be reaching out to you after you donate (and once we can get the computers up and running) and will be creating several different ways to thank our donors in really cool ways! We will share the details once we have them! Thank you, Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts!




  1. Walkway Rebuild

    You can donate here to help us rebuild our Walkway. We will need to buy new walkway boards and railings, boxes of screws and straps to help keep it a safe place for our guests! We estimate this project will cost over $10,000!
    $8,156.00 donated
  2. Wildlife Enclosures

    Donate here to help rebuild many of our enclosures that were damaged and or flooded.
    $2,175.00 donated
  3. Hatchling Care

    Did you just hatch a baby gator in August? Guess what you can donate something to help us take care of them while we recover from Hurricane Irma!
    $900.00 donated