Showtimes and Lineup ! 

Gatorama offers an unprecedented view of prehistoric ancestors in the most up close and personal manner possible.  Our Gators and Crocs are ready to show off their pearly whites to all our guests, especially now in the summer! They can be found taking in the South Florida sunshine while basking on the banks of our ponds and on Croc Island. Bring your camera, grab a bag of Croc Crunch from the font desk, and enjoy one of natures Apex Predators like never before.  In the spirit of these beautiful days, we have released up our Showtimes and Lineup schedule. Every day is a different experience, as zookeepers have their choice of shows based on weather, animal behavior, and water levels.

SHOWTIMES: DAILY at 12:00 and 2:30



Florida is world famous for gators, and at Gatorama we have some of the largest ones you'll ever see! During our Feed Show, visitors have an up close opportunity to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.  Our boardwalk runs through the middle of our Alligator and Crocodile ponds which means you'll be right in the middle of all the action!  Our staff works tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of conservation and preservation while offering guests access to some of South Florida's famous inhabitants. 

The gator show is not only exciting, but it's a family friendly activity that allows visitors to see these apex predators from a safe distance.  Our staff takes the time to talk about Florida's famous reptiles while providing visitors  with fun and educational facts about our permanent residents. After the show, join us in the Crackin' Barn and take turns holding a juvenile gator.  It's the perfect photo opportunity, and it's all included with the price of admission! There's nothing quite like holding a living, breathing alligator in the palm of your hands.  Gatorama is committed to bringing this unique experience to visitors in a safe, controlled manner. 


12661919_10153218963252331_5313350481118196474_nGOLIATH! GO BIG, OR GO HOME

Goliath is our oldest and largest resident, and he enjoys a little time in the limelight too! Our "Goliath! Go Big, or Go Home" show is a unique opportunity to visit with one of the most aggressive Crocodiles on the farm. Moved from the front pools for killing to many other Crocs, he has spent the last few years in a home all his own.

With only two zookeepers on staff that are trained to work with Goliath, a show is a rare sight. If you're lucky enough to witness Goliath in action, get your cameras ready and prepare yourself for a Jaw Pop like you've never heard!





Join Okee and our zookeepers as they explore The Old Gator Hole.  Located in marshes throughout the Everglades,  Alligators form holes by using their feet and snouts to clear muck from holes in the limestone bedrock.

Water remains in these holes throughout the year except during severe drought conditions. As the dry season approaches and water dries up from other areas within the Everglades, alligator holes retain water and become refuges to a variety of wildlife. Alligators prey on the animals that frequent gator holes in search of refuge, food, and water.