Absolutely!  Come on down and see what brought Fox Business to our corner of the Glades.
Absolutely! We’d love to work with your crew to setup just the right location shoots. We are in a remote part of the state that has the natural wilderness you are looking for. We can provide meals, meeting rooms, on camera personalities, security, WIFI Internet and, of course, some big gators and crocodiles and other animals.
We are bound by Mother Nature and we can’t make a baby hatch prematurely. That is why we recommend that you arrive early to purchase your hatch and hold package which secures your name on the list for the available eggs for that time slot. We do not take phone reservations. But you may come by early in the day and purchase the package for the later time slot.
Regular admission plus $10.00 per egg during week days and $15.00 per egg on weekends (2015 prices).
Alligator eggs naturally hatch during August and early September in our climate. We hatch over 2000 eggs each year. Based upon initial laying times, our best calculations, and natural indicators we set the date for the Hatching Festival. In addition to touring our park, during our regular show times we will bring over nest boxes from our incubator that are already showing signs of hatching. During this extra program you will see the natural hatching process, and learn about the life cycle of the American alligator. Each person who purchases the “Hatch and Hold” package will get to hatch and hold a live egg and midwife the baby into this world. It is something you will never forget!
Anytime is the best time to come! Go to our showtime page and check out the shows and times you want to see. Most people stay for at least two shows and spend a couple of hours here. For photography purposes animals are most active in the mornings and late afternoons.
For the safety of your animal and ours we do not allow personal animals.
Our programs and fee structures are based on stated minimums. If you don’t have the minimum in your group or you can’t round up ten neighbors or friends you would still incur the cost for the minimum if you want the experience. Sorry if this seems unreasonable– but we incur added costs because of staff time.
We highly recommend the following: There are hotels in Clewiston, Labelle, Lake Placid and Sebring.
While the facility was constructed over 50 years ago, which brings its own character, wheelchairs and scooters can easily navigate along our walks and bridges.
You may bring food to consume on our covered patio, but please no plastic in the park past the patio.
Yes, If you don’t we say you are blind or looking up in the trees!
Gatorama is located on Highway US27 1.5 miles south of Palmdale, Florida. We are about 2 1/2 hours south of Orlando and 2 hours north of Miami on the west side of Lake Okeechobee.