Wildlife Enclosures

Wildlife Enclosures

Donate here to help rebuild many of our enclosures that were damaged and or flooded.
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Many of Gatorama’s animal enclosures were damaged or flooded from the storm. For instance, the Itty Bitty Farm is completely under water and it will cost over $2000 just to put new sod in that area (and we just put new sod there in the spring!)  Our sweet panther’s enclosure had a tree fall and damage it and we need to rebuild that so she can run around freely in it. The amount of debris and branches all over the enclosures are going to take weeks to clean up. We appreciate your donations to get these enclosures ready for our animals to enjoy and our guests to to enjoy as well! We estimate that it will cost over $20,000 to bring our enclosures back to the happy places they were for our animals.

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