Bull Gator Round Up December 6

Bull Gator Round Up December 6

Bull Gator Round Up Sunday Dec. 6th 10-5.

Gatorama marks its sixteenth annual Bull Gator Round up next month on Sunday, December 6th. “The Bull Gator Round Up is a time when keepers of crocodiles and gators from around the state, gather by invitation only, to help us move these huge animals” says Allen Register, owner of Gatorama.  “We get to share techniques and catch up on old friendships.  After the sun goes down and the work is done we celebrate the good safe moves, tell old war stories and chow done on some good food!  We all work so much that we don’t often see each other in a social setting.    Many professional zookeepers of reptiles never get this type of opportunity to gain hands on experience with this number and size of animals and we are so thankful for their help.  It’s a BIG JOB!”

Visitors to the park on this day will get to experience this unique event, the only one like it in Florida. Gatorama has a boardwalk that separates the gator pond from the croc pond and visitors will be able to see most   the action as the zookeepers and wranglers catch the reptiles and move them to the correct pond to prepare for mating season. “We have moved as many as 24 large alligators and crocodiles that all measured over 10 feet in length in one day” says Patty Register.

New to the event this year is a Junior Gator Roundup. Activities will be set up for children to practice their “gator wranglin’ skills” and learn more about being a gator professional. Regular Admission to the park will include access to the park, the ability to watch all the action, and the Junior Gator Roundup for children. While there you might want to try your hand at catching real alligators at Uncle Wader’s Catch a Gator Pool and , make memories fishing at the fishin hole or become a paleontologist at the new Fossil Dig!

The park will be open regular hours from 10am to 5pm. Children less than 5 feet are admitted for $8.95, adult admission is $14.95.  Gator Gumbo and other food items will be available for purchase.

Gatorama opened in 1957 as one of Florida’s first alligator attractions. It is still a popular tourist attraction as well as an operating alligator farm. One of Gatorama’s main attractions for visitors and professional photographers is the natural Florida scenery in which these prehistoric beasts sunbathe in the warm tropical climate. Giant oak trees and palm trees cover the fifteen acre attraction. Visitors will also find other animals along the covered 1000 foot walkway and wooden bridge panthers, bobcats, raccoons, giant Burmese Pythons, peacocks, ducks and geese all call Gatorama home, as doseven species of crocodiles including the American Crocodile. Gatorama is the largest captive breeder in North America of the Acutus Crocodile.

For more information and directions, call (863) 675-0623 or visit www.Gatorama.com.

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