Bucket List: Hand Feed A Giant Alligator

Bucket List: Feed A Giant Alligator

You’ve made up your mind – you’re going to take 2016 by storm and work up the Ultimate Bucket List.  You diligently consult your friends facebook pages, check every Top 10 list you can find online, and come up  a list that has raised a few questions about your sanity among your friends and family.

It’s perfect. At the top of the list is scribbled three little words: Feed A Gator.

While you can fully embrace the sense of adventure that comes with such a wish, you can also appreciate all ten of the digits you were born with, and intend to end the year with them fully intact. Now what?

Head on over to Gatorama and join us in our Fast Hands or No Hands Guest Feeding Experience.  You already know that we are home to some of the largest Alligators and Crocodiles in South Florida. There’s no denying that we have the best staff on the planet, and there’s no substitute for air conditioning and a gift shop at the end of any great adventure. Your mind is made up – Gatorama it is.

As you cruised down US HWY 27, you can’t help but notice how the landscape changes. No longer are you among fast food restaurants and storefronts. This is the heart of the Glades, and you’re right smack in the middle of it. It’s a nature lovers paradise.  A good tune on the radio, bottle of water at your side and donning your favorite sunglasses you pull into the Gatorama parking lot.

Not bad, just a 90 minute drive from West Palm Beach.

Walking into the gift shop, you immediately get a sense of Old Florida as this 1957 family owned and operated attraction has everything from Gator skulls to teeth lining the shelves. From the distance you hear a “Hey there,”- and turn to a smiling Hilda, our shopkeeper, welcoming you.

As you sign up for the Fast Hands or No Hands Guest Feeding Experience, you’re told to meet our zookeeper at the dock right after our Big Gator Feeding Show.  “Great,” you think, “I’ll get to see how this is done.”

Now, I won’t tell you what the Feeding Show is all about, that’s something you’ll have to come check out for yourself. It’s now your turn, and Jose unlocks the gate welcoming you onto the dock. Your heart is racing, and you’re having moments of second thoughts as you note the teeth of these Gators looks much bigger from your new vantage point.


It’s showtime!

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