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Gatorama has been an Alligator and Crocodile Attraction seated deep in the heart of the Glades for 59 years and has had more guests than we can count come through the front door. It occurred to us that there may be a few secrets that our little farm may still hold. After a bit of reminiscing with Allen and Patty, the Top 10 List was born and we couldn’t wait to put it online for all our guests to enjoy.

Consider yourself an ‘insider’ now!

  1. Gatorama has been in the same spot since 1957 when Cecil Clemons owned it. Since then, Gatorama has only had two other owners: David and Marietta Thielen and now Patty and Allen.
  1. When the Register family first moved in to the house, (which is located adjacent to the gift shop) in 1986, they all lived in one bedroom.
  1. The original incubator was located inside the house. Babies were hatched in the bathtub, a far cry from what the Hatching Festival has become today!
  1. When Erica got her first car, it was torn into by a ‘wayward’ crocodile on the property. How’s that for an insurance claim?
  1. Gatorama was home to a Capuchin monkey named Gizmo for years.  It was part of the family, wearing a diaper, and living in the Register home. Ironically, the vet that cared for Gizmo was named Dr.Parrot.
  1. Ben met his wife when she ‘walked through the front door’ of the gift shop!
  1. Up until the time Allen lost his finger, the worst injuries he had were from Gizmo and an ant bite on the leg that got infected, nearly causing him to lose it.
  1. Gatorama’s first National Television Appearance was on NBC with Bob Dotson
  1. In the 11 years since the Hatching Festival started, there have been 3 sets of twins born. One of which hatched this past year!
  1. An employee is rumored to have fallen into the Crocodile pond. All Cecil found was his transistor radio and shoes in the morning.


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