Historic Big Gator and Croc Feeding Show

Welcome to Gatorama!  Stroll along our boardwalk and take in our Historic Big Gator and Croc Feeding Show featuring some of the largest Crocodiles and Alligators in Florida. Listen to their distinctive 'jaw pop' and get ready to take some amazing photos of these animals displaying natural feeding behaviors.  At the conclusion of the show, join our staff at the Crackin' Barn for your chance to hold a juvenile alligator.  These are once in a lifetime photo opportunities perfect for adventurers of any age!  Our Big Gator and Croc Feeding Show and Gator Hold is all included with your paid admission to Gatorama. 

 Wildlife Encounters

We're more than Alligators! The South Florida Everglades is home to some of the most unique animal species, and many of them make their home in the swamps that surround Gatorama.  Bring your binoculars and take in the beauty of Florida's Birds as they hunt from high in the canopy or your skills on our Dock and see how many aquatic species you can identify.  Gatorama is the permanent home to a variety of Wildlife Species including: The Florida Panther, Macaws, Peafowls, Bobcats, Kinkajou's the Invasive Python and more!  Check out the time for our Panther Meet Up and join us for this unique encounter. 

Hands On Experiences

After you've toured our corner of the Glades, you may feel like you're ready to give Gator Wranglin' a shot.  We have exclusive hands on experiences available such as: Uncle Waders Catch A Gator Pond where you'll get to jump right in with our juvenile Gators and learn how to catch them with your bare hands.

Step it up a notch and give Gator Bare Wranglin'  a try,  where you'll sit on the back of a 7-8 foot Alligator and have your friends take a photo for bragging rights back home.